115 Lisa Copeland- Dating Mindset To Attract The Right Man

Having a hard time attracting and keeping the right man? Maybe what you think about dating and men is keeping you from finding true love. Lisa Copeland is our dating coach and dating mindset expert and she shares with you how your mindset can make or break your ability to find true love. She will share with you easy actionable steps for shifting your mindset you can immediately start using to attract the right man into your life.

About Lisa Copeland

Lisa Copeland is a leading internationally recognized love coach and dating expert. She works with women over 50 who are struggling with dating helping them find true love with a quality man at this time in their life.

She is the author of the Amazon Best Selling book…The Winning Dating Formula For Women Over 50 as well as a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and The Huffington Post Women. Her website, Findaqualityman.com was named One of the Top 5 Online Dating Service by The Examiner and One of the 10 Best Senior Dating Blogs by Dating Advice.com. She hosts the weekly “You Can Find Love After 50 Show” on Going Solo Network and Blog Talk Radio.

Lisa has appeared on Huffington Post Live with Dr. Ruth and her Huffington Post article about the difficulties alpha females have finding love was mentioned by Katie Couric in her interview with the Millionaire Matchmaker, Patty Stanger on the Katie show.

Lisa works with single women around the world via Skype, FaceTime or by phone. On her website she has fun dating challenges for women, special content and video interviews. This is where her blog can be found with in depth articles on all aspects of dating after 50.

Show Highlights

How your mindset affects the vibration you give off both online and offline
to men that keeps you from attracting true love
The mindset of what you focus on is who and what shows up and how to use
this to attract true love
Why hanging around with women who aren’t dating creates a mindset that
hurts your chances of ever finding true love
The mindset keeps you from missing the good men online and in the real
The secret mindset for deciding if he’s the one
The mindset that keeps you in the cycle of dating the wrong men over and
over again
The mindset that takes away your power in the dating game
The mindset that keeps you stuck and in a dating rut
The mindset that makes dating fun and easier for you
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