Girls Chase Livestream #15 with Hector Castillo: Women, Dating, and Sex Q&A

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“King of College” by Hector Castillo

Welcome to the Girls Chase Livestream! I’m Hector Castillo, writer, video producer, and dating coach for, the world’s #1 men’s dating advice website ()

Our goal is to help you get the woman or women you want. Whether you want a girlfriend, lots of girlfriends, one-night-stands, or casual relationships – we’re here to help.

During this livestream, feel free to ask me anything related to women, dating, sex, and relationships. You can ask over the livestream, or, in the future, send me questions via Instagram () in advanced for me to answer on stream.

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I get pretty savage and don’t hold back with my truth, so be prepared for honest but sometimes brutal answers. However, that truth will be clear and simple so that you can do better with women IMMEDIATELY.

Love you guys.

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