How to Impress a Girl & Make a Good First Impression | How to Get a Girlfriend S Ep-3

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In this video, you will learn how to impress a girl and how to make a good first impression that ensures she doesn’t forget you. Since first impressions are also considered as lasting impressions, it is rather hard to exaggerate the importance of good manners when it comes to attracting beautiful girls, especially when meeting a girl for the first time.

However, if you do already have a girlfriend, fear not, this video just as well applies to your particular situation, as you can learn a plethora of insightful tips and good advice on how to impress your girlfriend from this episode.

You will understand the significance of appearance and body language in generating positive first impressions. You will also learn how to present yourself perfectly and avoid bad body language.

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03:15 The importance of the right state of mind.

03:51 The impact of giving the right answers and avoiding boring ones. It is another significant factor in generating a positive first impression.

05:35 Know how to add to the conversation by asking the right questions when talking to girls.

06:40 Sociability. – Do girls judge your social skills? Find an answer to this question and learn some specific tips on how to improve in this area.

08:04 Lifestyle and how it can increase your value in her eyes.
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