Reflections of Love for Women Over 40|Mature Dating|2

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Reflections of Love for Women Over 40
I am confident that I can find my soul mate.

This planet is filled with many beings, and I know my soul mate is one of them. It may take a little time, but I am sure I can find the one that is meant for me.

I have the necessary patience to avoid settling for the wrong person. I have the self-control and resilience to recognize the importance of patience and am willing to wait for true love.

I have peace of mind during my search for the right partner. I am optimistic about the future and look forward to meeting my soul mate sometime soon.

I am ready for a positive relationship. My personality is interesting and engaging, so others are attracted to me. I have the confidence and self-respect to attract the “one.”

I know that the best match for me is out there – I need only to get out there and look. So I attend social functions and welcome new people into my life. I regularly go out on dates. I reach out to others to find my soul mate.

Each relationship brings me closer to the ideal partner for me.

Today, I am ready to find my soul mate, but patient about finding the one that I know is right for me. I am confident that my search will result in true love.

Love-Strengthening Questions:

1. How do I feel about finding my soul mate?
2. How do I increase my chances of success in finding the one who is just right for me?
3. How can I recognize my soul mate once I find them?

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Mental Health Counselor

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Reflections of Love for Women Over 40 |Mature Dating|1

Reflections of Love for Women Over 40| Mature Dating|2

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