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Reflections of Love for older Women dating online|dating tips 1


I forgive myself for my relationship mistakes.
I let go of my errors with past relationships.
I have learned what I can from my missteps and refuse to allow regrets to take up space in my mind or spirit.
I accept my mistakes without guilt or embarrassment.
I understand the universe presents a variety of experiences to strengthen the spirit, and mistakes are a natural part of the learning curve.
My past relationship errors help me identify my current values.
They clarify what I am looking for in a relationship and how I can better meet my partner’s needs.
I now understand how my actions and words can affect others and am conscientious about my communications.
I am able to heal emotionally after my relationship mistakes.
I am also able to help others heal by being an example for them.
My perception of past relationships is clear and I am able to embrace new relationships with ease.
I will look upon my mistakes of the past as blessings in disguise and know how to nurture positive elements in my relationships going forward.
Today, I leave the past in the past and look forward to a bright future with positive, fulfilling relationships.

Love-Strengthening Questions:

1. How can I stop my mind from focusing on my past relationships?
2. How can I learn from my relationship errors and move forward to new, positive relationships?
3. What can I do to help my friends to move past their relationship mistakes?

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Mental Health Counselor

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