Relationship Advice: Dating Advice + Marriage Tips

They share relationship advice, ways to improve communication and there are even some insecurity eradicators!

In this episode, Jarran and Kelcey get transparent with some past relationship problems and the techniques that helped them create a vibrant and healthy relationship. After 8 years together they have learned a lot! Whether you are looking for some dating advice or marriage tips this episode will shed light on some new ways to overcome issues you may have in your romantic relationships. They share 3 key things that really helped change them and their relationship and they hope that the things they learned can be helpful to you! If you have ever wondered “How to have a healthy relationship?”, then you will enjoy hearing their stories of the things they have overcome!

Also, after a ton of researching and having high relationship goals, they share their cream of the crop book picks that helped cultivate their relationship advice, improve communication and there are even some insecurity eradicators! Big thanks to Don Miguel Ruiz for writing The Four Agreements and The Mastery Of Love, and Louise Hay for writing You Can Heal Your Life. These were huge inspirational books in a time of relationship problems and dealing with insecurities.

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