Relationship Advice for Business Owners

Do you want to bring back your romantic relationship?

Are you a busy and exhausted at work and there is no more joy and sparks between you and your spouse? I know what to do!
Watch this video and apply four easy tips that recover your personal relationships and bring you happiness.

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Video Highlights:
00:27 How personal relationships influence business life
00:53 Priorities of a business women
01:03 How to start recovery of your romantic relationships
01:17 How to schedule dates
01:35 New activities to do with your spouse
02:01 Attention to your spouse
02:22 Ask your spouse what you can do for them to make their day better
02:42 How your relationship benefits from these changes

Video transcript:

Are you prioritizing your business over your personal life?
Let’s talk about it in today’s episode.
I believe that if you have a passionate and loving relationship, you feel yourself happy and stay more productive in business. We often don’t think about it but it’s very much integrated. Your personal life and your health affect your happiness and your business. The business owners devote their lives to the business. They neglect to have a passionate relationship with their spouses. That’s exactly what happened in my life.
As a business owner, I was prioritizing my business, and then my kids, and then my husband. I knew it was wrong and not fair to him. And I knew that I had to change it. One day I sat down and started remembering what was that first thing that attracted me to him.
What happened when we fell in love?
What was our relationship like?
What brought happiness and passion to our relationship?
So, we decided to schedule our dates. Every Friday or Saturday we would go for a date. It was just us, no kids and no one else. Like it’s important to set up a business meeting and appointment with my clients, it was equally important to set up our dates on my calendar.
The second thing that I did, I found things to do together with my husband. In our case, it was biking. Saturdays or Sundays we went biking in the park.
The third, a very important thing was my acknowledgment that my daughters were already the grown teenagers. I realized that one day they would leave, and I would stay with my husband only. That is why we need to bring the passion back to our relationship. Since then, I started putting him first before my business and before my kids.
The fourth thing that I did was taking care of my husband. Every morning when I wake up, instead of taking care of my kids, I started asking him,
“Honey what can I do to make your day better?”
Guess what? With just that simple question, the whole thing changed around. Before it was
“what he needs to do for me,”
but now since I ask him that question, he is willing to do everything for me!
These four tips I use to put the spark back into my relationship. Applying them in my life completely changed our personal relationship, and entirely changed my business. My husband initiates to help me so that I don’t have to ask him for. I never become mad at him for not helping me. He happily wants to do more and more.
Now, my kids are getting jealous)) My youngest daughter kept on asking “Why do you always take care of dad? We’re the important ones!”
But prioritizing my spouse is very essential because it brings the spark back into our relationship.
These four tips will give you a healthier relationship. You will become much happier in your life and more productive in your business.
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